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Supermojo Announces Completion of Seed Round to Streamline NFT Access

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Super Mojo, Inc. (“Supermojo”) today announced the launch of its financing platform designed to make digital assets more accessible for the next wave of users. The platform facilitates point-of-sale financing to improve the NFT purchase experience and collateralized lending for improved post-sale liquidity. Supermojo’s initial focus will be on partnering with marketplaces and storefronts that serve the $25B NFT market (DappRadar).

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Health systems cyber detection and response startup Scope Security raises $20M

Health systems managed detection and response startup Scope Security today announced it has raised $20 million in new funding to develop its cybersecurity solutions designed to address the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem.

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Legal tech startups bringing law, order to fragmented industry

Victor Bornstein, founder and CEO of Justpoint, told TechCrunch that his company is leveraging artificial intelligence to create efficiencies for both prospective plaintiffs and attorneys, initially in personal injury. It is currently working with over 1,000 law firms.

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Gander closes $4.2M seed round to ‘humanize’ online shopping

E-commerce platform Gander announced today the closing of a $4.2 million seed round co-led by Harlem Capital and Crossbeam Venture Partners.

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Zitti Closes $4M to Deliver FinTech Platform to Restaurant Owners & Food Industry Organizations

Zitti - a first-of-its-kind payment and credit platform built for food industry management and vendors–launched today to transform food industry operations by giving small-to-medium-sized restaurants and foodservice providers the same advantages experienced by larger chains.

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Gravitiq raises $55 million to acquire healthcare brands on Amazon

London-based Gravitiq is buying and scaling Amazon marketplace brands in the digitally-native, consumer e-commerce healthcare sector. The company announced today $55 million of seed investment in a mix of equity and debt.

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